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Will you sprint, stroll or stumble into a career?

The path toward independence today for college graduates is quite different from previous generations when jobs focused on manufacturing, and a college degree was not needed for financial success. With the boom in technology in the 1990s, higher education became increasingly more important, leading to an increase in college attendance. At the same time, the launch to adulthood was delayed. Regardless of the time a student takes to complete a degree today, preparation for a career during the college years will determine how quickly and how successfully these "emerging adults" establish themselves professionally once they complete their higher education.

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Cummings College Consulting provides comprehensive services for a student applying to college at the undergraduate or graduate level. We match students to the most suitable academic programs and colleges and then guide them through the application process. Our services are convenient – we travel to the student – and affordable with various options for discounting. Most importantly, we strive to create a supportive environment throughout the journey so that our students feel confident and motivated.

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