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Carole Cummings is an experienced educational consultant, with over ten years of experience in the field. She has successfully assisted her students to gain acceptance and scholarship funding at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. Her students come from all backgrounds and types of schools, and their talents, abilities, and interests are diverse. By regularly visiting colleges and universities, she maintains up-to-date information about the institutions she recommends, including requirements for admission, student profiles, academic programs, the social environment, and costs. This makes her an excellent resource and guides for students and parents. As a Professional Member of IECA and IACAC, she regularly attends conferences to stay informed about trends in the field and to network with colleagues.

Prior to opening her Independent Educational Consulting office in New Jersey, Carole worked as an Education Advisor in Chile, where she guided Latin American students through the application and scholarship process for graduate and undergraduate study in the United States. In that position, she collaborated with many international organizations including the Institute of International Education and the Fulbright Commission. Carole is also a former university professor and teacher who knows how to work with young people.


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