Cummings College Consulting provides comprehensive services for a student applying to college at the undergraduate or graduate level. We match students to the most suitable academic programs and colleges and then guide them through the application process. Our services are convenient – we travel to the student – and affordable with various options for discounts. Most importantly, we strive to create a supportive environment throughout the journey so that our students feel confident and motivated.

We offer remote services for all students, including international applicants.

Types of Packages:

  • Comprehensive
  • Transfer and Gap Year Guidance
  • International Students

Comprehensive Package

The comprehensive package covers all aspects of the college search and application process and includes the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • Advice on high school course selection and extracurricular activities
  • Application organization
  • List of college recommendations
  • Essay guidance and review
  • College visit planning
  • Interview Coaching
  • Application review and assistance with application submissions
  • Portfolio development
  • Financial aid guidance
  • Resume design and review
  • Assistance with final decisions
  • Gap year evaluation

Partial packages are available and may include the following:

  • Essay guidance
  • College recommendations
  • Interview Coaching
  • Resume building

Transfer Student and Gap Year Guidance

  • Initial consultation
  • List of college transfer/gap year recommendations with a focus on academic programs
  • Essay and application guidance
  • Final decision assistance

For information about our special discounts, contact us at 973-856.5811

  • Family Packages (two siblings or more)
  • Friends and Family Referrals
  • Pro Bono Services for qualifying students, including bilingual (Spanish/English) assistance

Ask us about our Tutoring Services in subject areas and for SAT/ACT testing.